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Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation makes the lips fuller, plumper and reduces fine wrinkles that gather round the mouth. Lips are either injected with collagen or with fat. Fat is introduced in the patient's body from an external source. The collagen; a protein present in connecting tissues, and the fat are easily absorbed but it has a temporary effect thus, it needs a repeat treatment. However, there are other options wherein repeat treatments are not required. For example, implantable materials like AlloDerm, Dermalogen.

Lip augmentation – before and after

AlloDerm and Dermalogen are easily absorbed by the body because they are human tissue. Normally, they have a pliable, natural feel. Implants such as Gore-Tex are permanent and no complication arise as they are well-accepted by the body. Fat and collagen injections are meant for those patients who find the idea of full lips appealing but don't want to commit to it.

AlloDerm is a natural collagen sheet made from donated skin. It is inserted by making tiny incisions inside the corners of the mouth. Once it is in place it integrates with the natural tissues. Other implant options include Gore-Tex, SoftForm, etc.


The procedure requires a natural synthetic biocompatible material. It is in the form of the patient's own fat. The fat is injected and implanted in the lips. Normally, one injection is enough to produce the desired outcome. However, it may be a temporary result depending on the type material used. So, injections may be needed to be repeated periodically.


After the procedure is complete the recovery period is quite short. The patient can immediately return to daily activities or after a period of 24 hours in case the patient was put in a sedated condition. But this depends on the procedure and the materials used. For example, in case of surgical procedures the recovery period extends to a week.