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Specializing in liposuction and VASER 4D Lipo (a.k.a VASER 4D body sculpting), hair growth or hair removal treatment and eye care, Pandit Clinic has been established at Pune in 1984 by Dr. Shrirang Pandit and Dr. Mrs. Jayashree Pandit. Both the doctors are highly qualified and super skilled. It has been a long journey and Pandit Clinic is now a multi speciality set up in a 3000 sq feet clinic located in the heart of Pune's business hot spot. Apart from liposuction and hair treatment, other procedures that are carried out here include tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast augmentation, breast reduction and skin care. The clinic infrastructure includes state of the art lasers for cosmetic surgery and other equipment. To provide their patients the best possible care, the doctors believe in keeping abreast of the latest technological advances in the field of cosmetic surgery. Pandit Clinic has many firsts to their credit, including Epilight, Lumenis, Derma K, Ultrapulse Encore, Ultrashape. They are the first to introduce VASER liposuction not only in Pune, but India as well. While liposuction is used to remove flab from the body, VASER 4D lipo is a high definition liposuction procedure that is used extensively for body sculpting.

Doctor Shrirang Pandit

Doctor Shrirang Pandit Doctor Shrirang Pandit is a leading cosmetic surgery specialist from Pune, India. He has the cosmetic surgeon's "vision and will" to beautify the bodily appearance. He has mastery in the field of liposuction, Vaser Liposuction - 4D VASER Body Sculpting, tummy tucks and breast reshaping. He has had international training in nose jobs, lipo sculpting, fat grafting and many more cosmetic surgeries. He has to his credits thousands of reconstructive surgeries giving people a new beginning to life. Burns trauma, vascular repairs, repair of hand injuries are his emergency specialities. He is instrumental in bringing many firsts to cosmetic surgery in Pune. He also does charitable work for the Smile Train Organization, an institute that does charitable work for children affected with cleft and palate condition.

Doctor Jayashree Pandit

Doctor Jayashree Pandit Dr. Jayashree performs speciality eye care surgeries, glaucoma management, laser trabeculoplasty, applanation tonometry, along with routine eye care and checkups. She has extensive experience in procedures like stitch less cataract, phaco emulsification, and is in practice for 30 years. She also organizes free eye surgery for the needy at the clinic.

Doctor Sharvari Pandit

Doctor Sharvari Pandit Dr. Sharvari joined the Pune Clinic in 2012. She is a Dermatologist and Cutaneous Laser Surgeon. She looks after the skin and hair care and cosmetic laser treatments at Pandit Clinic. Her speciality includes hair treatment (both growth and removal), laser hair treatments and other dermatology treatments.

Doctor Vikram Pandit

Doctor Vikram Pandit Dr. Vikram joined the clinic in 2015 as a dental & maxillofacial Surgeon. He has set up a complete Dental Unit at the clinic and has special interests in oral surgeries & dental implants. He has introduced Diamond Dentistry to Pandit Clinic.

Doctor Pratibha Kukreja Pandit

Doctor Vikram Pandit Pediatric Dentistry or "Dentistry for the kids" is an age defined specialty that deals with dental and facial problems of kids, young children and those with special health care needs. Dr. Pratibha specializes in pediatric dentistry at Pandit Clinic

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

plastic and reconstructive surgery

We offer comprehensive reconstructive surgery services like liposuction, 4D VASER lipo, tummy tuck, breast surgery, BOTOX, etc. to correct abnormalities related to birth defects, injury, disease, infection, or other surgeries

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Ophthalmology / Eye Surgery

ophthalmology and eye surgery

We successfully treat patients with the most complex and challenging eye conditions like drooping eye surgery, laser eyelid surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, etc. by offering the latest diagnostic evaluations, leading-edge treatments, and personal attention.

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Dermatology / Cosmetology

dermatology and cosmetology

Dermatology is a unique blend of art and science of medicine in dealing with the skin and its diseases. We perform a wide range of dermatology / cosmetology procedures like skin disease treatments, pigmentation, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, scars and keloids, tattoo removal, etc. at Pandit Clinic, Pune.

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Hair Treatment (Trichology)

hair treatment

The Clinic specializes in hair treatment and hair transplants. Medical as well as surgical management of hair fall is provided at the clinic. A few of our hair treatment procedures include hair growth laser and hair transplant. You can also get a detailed hair analysis done at our clinic in Pune.

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Maxillofacial Surgery Logo of dental surgery

maxillofacial surgery

Our skilled doctors provide all types of maxillofacial surgery procedures from corrective jaw surgery to wisdom tooth removal. We also perform a full range of dental implant and bone grafting procedures.

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Dental Surgery Logo of dental surgery

dental surgery

We offer highly personalized dental services to quality conscious patients in a serene ambience.

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Our Cosmetic / Reconstructive Lasers

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