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Glaucoma Treatment (Raised Eye Pressure)

Glaucoma is disease that results in increased pressure in the eye. This raised tension can damage the optic nerve. The resulting damage can cause loss of visual fields. If neglected you may lose vision completely. As there are no major symptoms this condition is often missed. The patients may not report till late stage disease sets in.

Regular eye check up in adults is important to diagnose and treat glaucoma in early stage.

Many drugs are available to keep ocular pressure under control.

Laser treatment (SLT) selective laser trabeculoplasty is available at Pandit Clinic, Pune. Here the eye pressure can be reduced with the help of yag laser thus avoiding surgery. Laser is also used to treat closed angle glaucoma.

Glaucoma needs lifetime of monitoring. Drug regimes are very effective, in some cases surgery may be needed. We offer comprehensive care for glaucoma patients.