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Breast Reduction

Good sized breasts are a certain compliment to a woman's physic. However, when disproportionately large they can cause serious social disturbance and at times major embarrassment. So much so that their social life or even day to day activities become discomforting and cause mental trauma. An altered posture to hide large breasts may cause neck pain and shoulder pain. It also can cause repeated fungal infections if the inframammary fold is set very deep.

Breast Reduction before and after - 1 Breast Reduction before and after - 2

Breast tissue is composed of glandular component and fatty tissue. The nipple and areola, the dark brown part around the nipple are important cosmetically and breast reduction surgery may also involve modifying the dimensions of these structures.

Breast reduction involves reducing the size of the breast, removing fat and glandular tissue from the breast. In women and young girls who have not breast fed children it is essential to make an attempt to protect the gland to avoid loss of lactation function. Breast reduction needs to have surgical scars and it is crucial to discuss this well and clearly to avoid disappointment. These scars often take several weeks to mature.

The procedure is done under general anaesthesia and may take three to four hours. Liposuction may be used to contour breast tissue and remove select fatty tissue to enhance the shape of the breast.

We at Pandit Clinic, Pune specialize in breast reduction with minimum scars. We use VASER technology to sculpt the breast and have fewer scars. This way there is minimum disturbance of glandular function and good aesthetic results are possible. Breasts with large glandular component and breasts with tumor like enlargement it may be necessary to accept some scars. You may have vacuum drains put in the breast to keep them from gathering blood or other discharges. They will be removed when the discharge goes down or by three days of time. You may be asked to spend the night at the clinic depending on the extent of the procedure. Sutures are removed after ten to twelve days.