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Breast Reconstruction

The world over, more than 10 lakh women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. For those who are in the initial phase, the focus has now shifted from total mastectomy to breast preservation. Partial mastectomy, including lumpectomy or quadranectomy has been proven to be as effective as total mastectomy for women with localized breast cancer. However, mastectomy frequently results in breast asymmetry, scarring and noticeable volume reduction of the breast. Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure for women who have had a part or their entire breast removed due to mastectomy or any other mishap. It rebuilds the mound of the breast to match the other breast.

As technology advances, the awareness and treatment options available for diseases of the breast are improving. However, there are instances when partial or complete mastectomy is the only recourse. Breast reconstruction is needed if a woman wants to improve her appearance post surgery. If you want to rebuild the shape and looks of a breast post any surgery, it might be a good idea to talk to your cosmetic surgeon before the operation. The surgeon will consult with the operation team before the breast or tumour is removed, allowing him / her to plan the breast reconstructive surgery in the best possible way later.

Breast Reconstruction Options

As of now, there are two major options for breast reconstruction surgery procedure:

1. Silicone shell implants filled with either silicone gel or saline
Implants involve stretching the chest skin with a tissue expander, and then inserting the desired implant after some days

2. Tissue flap
These procedures use tissue from the woman's back, thighs, tummy or buttocks to reconstruct the breast. Depending on from where the tissue has been taken, it is termed either TRAM flap (tissue taken from the abdomen), latissimus dorsi flap (tissue taken from back), gluteal free flap (tissue taken from the buttocks) or Inner thigh or TUG flap (uses tissue from the inner thigh)

While newer techniques are being developed for breast reconstruction surgeries, all the methods have their pros and cons. That is why it is important to consultant your plastic surgeon before choosing an option.

A few important Points before Breast Reconstruction Surgery

  • The breast reconstruction surgery is a cosmetic surgery procedure, not a plastic surgery. In other words, it is an elective procedure
  • A woman can choose to opt for mastectomy and a breast reconstruction procedure at the same time
  • Implant breast reconstruction is almost always a two step procedure
  • Depending upon which option you choose, the recovery period for breast reconstruction varies from one week to about eight weeks (two months)
  • Implants are not permanent; they need to be replaced every ten years or so

Pandit Clinic, Pune has skilled surgeons who will give you proper advice about which breast reconstruction surgery will suit you the best. And the state of the art infrastructure will ensure that you get perfect post-op treatment.