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Breast Augmentation

Also known as breast enhancement or augmentation mammaplasty, this is a plastic surgery procedure to increase the size of the female breast. Generally a silicone gel filled implant is used to increase the volume of the breast. The implants come in variety of sizes to choose from. 80cc to 1000cc size is available. It is possible to get customized implants. These are now available in textured surface and cohesive gel that makes them safer and more durable. There is no consensus on the life of the silicone implant in the body. They can last for up to 20 to 30 years. Some surgeons recommend implant replacement after 10 years.

Breast Augmentation before and after - 1 Breast Augmentation before and after - 2 Breast Augmentation before and after - 3

These implants come with a textured surface which significantly reduces capsule formation. The gel is cohesive in texture and does not run or flow in the unfortunate event of implant rupture.

Your surgeon will choose the implant of correct dimensions for your needs. You have to give him a good idea of the size of the breast you are looking for. In general very large implants are not recommended and in case so desired then a two staged approach can be safe one.

Breast enlargement with silicone implant surgery can take up to an hour and a half to perform. General anaesthesia is commonly used; it is possible to do it under local anaesthesia too. We will ensure that you are in good health. Some blood tests will be done to assess your medical fitness for surgery and anaesthesia.

You will be called to the clinic in the morning of the day of surgery. You need to shampoo your hair and have a full body bath with a Betadine Surgical Scrub. It cleanses your skin and will assist in good quality of asepsis. This type of bath should be done for two days prior to surgery. You will be given a specific time to have your last oral feed. Please stick to this deadline very carefully because it is important for your safety under anaesthesia.

Breast augmentation surgery involves making some kind of incision on the skin. Depending on the type of breast, size of the areola, laxity of breast tissue and your choice a suitable cut will be used in consultation with you. The cut may be located under your breast or around the areola or in the skin of the armpit. These scars generally heal very well it takes several weeks for the scars to mature and start looking very acceptable. The silicone implant will give fullness and a pleasing thrust to your bust line.

The cuts are sutured with very fine suture and sometime surgical glue or absorbable stitches may be used. Stitches are removed by the end of the week. Your wounds will be dressed in fluffed cotton pads or a soft brassiere. It is wise to avoid vigorous movements of the arms and strenuous exercise for a week.

Once you have recovered from anaesthesia and have resumed full consciousness, you will be allowed to drink and eventually have soft light food. By evening you will be discharged to go home. You will be prescribed antibiotics and pain medication for next few days.

Your subsequent visit to the clinic will be after two days and after that one week later. This time the bulky dressings will come off and you will be allowed to bathe as usual.

You will have some soreness on the chest and may feel tight and full in the breasts. It is normal and this feeling will pass away as the surgical swelling goes down and you start healing. You may be able to resume work in three days time after your breast augmentation. It is good to avoid contact sports and aggressive body contact for three weeks. Frequent follow ups are not needed and a visit to our Pune clinic once a year may be a good idea.