Pandit Clinic, Pune specializes in hair growth treatment, hair transplant, liposuction, laser hair removal, skin treatment, tummy tuck and many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures

Patient Testimonials

Photo of Mrs. Alka Kakatkar – teacher / principal

Mrs. Alka Kakatkar | (Teacher Principal)

The remarkable hospitality, friendly atmosphere, wonderful team of experienced doctors with ultramodern latest machinery awaits to meet your needs relating to Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Skin, Hair & Plastic Surgery. It's a unique experience at Pandit Clinic.

Photo of Mr. Hrishikesh Baravkar – sportsperson

Mr. Hrishikesh Baravkar | (Sportsperson)

Very centrally located & a lot of services under one roof at Pandit Clinic. Dr. Sharvari is a doctor to me & also a good friend. The staff is active and friendly at Pandit Clinic. Over all, at home and comfortable feel with all modern technologies. Thank you Doctors!

Photo of Mr. Swanand Bhave – Hospitality industry

Mr. Swanand Bhave | (Hospitality Industry)

I had a fantastic experience with Pandit Clinic. The Doctors and the staff were very friendly and honest. They made me comfortable and gave me confidence. I have undergone three PRP sessions for my hair from July to Dec 2013. During the procedure or post procedure there wasn't any pain. Today, I am very happy with the result and I am satisfied with my natural hair growth. Now I can style my hair and try different looks on them.

Mrs. Meera Harisinghani – English consultant

Mrs. Meena Harisinghani | (English Consultant)

My family members have been clients of Pandit Clinic for several years. Because of the diversified nature of their services and professionalism coupled with the caring of a home like atmosphere, this clinic has often been our first choice. We have generally faced no problems during treatment but during the rare occasion when there was an unexpected reaction to a drug prompt action was taken to provide quick relief. At Pandit Clinic we, as a family, have always felt assured in the knowledge base, ethicality, expertise and genuine concern of the doctors and other staff.