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Scar Surgery

Scars are marks of injury and once formed will always be there almost permanently. Most of the scars are formed as a result of deep injury to the skin, either during an accident or because of a surgery. It is important to understand there are good looking scars and there are bad looking scars. Healing of scars can be compounded by existing conditions like diabetes, keloids or a predisposition to hypertrophic scars.

Today, there are many cosmetic surgery options available to treat scars. If not make scars disappear altogether, there are treatments available that at least minimize the ungainly appearance of scars. A few of the options for the treatment of scars include injectible fillers, light and laser therapy, chemical peels and dermabrasion. Deeper scars usually can be treated only by surgery. Which method to choose for the scar treatment depends on the severity of the scar, location of the scar and the age of the patient. It is best to let your cosmetic surgeon decide which method will work best for you.

Scar revision surgery, lasers and topical creams play a very important role in improving the looks and quality of the scars.

Scars mature over time and some scars like acid burns may take several years to improve. It is vital to be patient and not to hurry into procedures. A wait of six to twelve months can dramatically improve scars.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), fractional CO2 laser, Erbium laser treatments can produce dramatic improvement in scars. Generally three to four treatments will be required at three week interval. It is an outpatient, quick and easy procedure, commonly performed under topical or local anaesthesia.

Sun protection is important, dressings are usually not required. The healing is very quick and sometimes there will be no external wound. Burns contractures can be released without skin grafting.

Ultra Pulse CO2 and M22 Erbium Resurfax are very potent tools in treating scars and their consequences.