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Periorbital Rejuvenation

Periorbital treatment – Before and After

Irregular & late night sleep pattern, stress, nutritional or iron deficiency, genetics, eye make ups, allergies, irritation, ageing all can cause the problem under and around the eyes.

It can come up as wrinkles, under eye dark circles, swollen eye bags, under eye puffiness. The deep under eye trough can cause an illusion of intense darkening under the eye.

Management: A healthy lifestyle in terms of diet and regular sufficient sleep is the mainstay of rejuvenation. Intake of citrus fruits, oranges, fresh lime, amla, papaya, green leafy vegetables all help with betterment.

Jet rejuvenation: Medicines and vitamins are infused with a jet into the skin around the eyes providing hydration to the area. The jet stream of fresh saline exfoliates the upper layer of skin and helps entry of vital treatment serums into the deeper layers of skin. Hyaluronic acid infusions commonly used with vitamin A, E, C. Multiple such treatments need to be done to achieve the best possible results.

Peels: Very few peels can be safety used under the eye. These include, Arginine and Lactic at low concentrations. Vit C eye patches are used along with exfoliating eye peels.

Radiofrequency: The Aluma RF is specialised with a hand piece for periorbital area which irons out the wrinkles. The RF energy delivered to skin layers and is extremely safe for use near the eye area. Reduction in wrinkling and puffiness improves the appearance of around eye area.

Factora: This Fractional RF treatment causes tightening of skin reduction in wrinkles improves the texture of skin, and helps with delivery of PRP or vitamins into the deeper layers of skin around eye. The procedure has a downtime but great results. This can be combined with BOTOX to treat the deeper wrinkles around the eye.

Fat Grafting: The deep sunken troughs below eye make it look very dark and the face looks aged. For these areas a fat graft into the area gives long term benefits. It reduces darkness, depression and improves the skin tone and quality.

TCA peel: In very fair skins a TCA peel can be used to chemically ablate the area under eye. Entire new skin generates from within almost clearing up the entire pigmentation and wrinkles. Dark skins should always avoid a TCA under eye.