Pandit Clinic, Pune specializes in hair growth treatment, hair transplant, liposuction, laser hair removal, skin treatment, tummy tuck and many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures

Patient Story

Here is what Nujuta C (Pilot) tells you about her hair removal experience.

I've said good bye to waxing forever...! Gone are those dreadful days when... I had to manipulate if there is any upcoming event and decide if I should wax now or closer to the event....had to look for full sleeve dresses every morning and shop majorly for full sleeves... was unable to swim ... had to avoid rubbing my pookey haired hands on others. ..and most importantly tolerate all the pain ! M sure this is not just my story...!!!

Now I just slip into my shorts and wear whatever I want to... anytime.. !! My hands n legs never felt softer... ! I have done the permanent hair removal treatment from Pandit Clinic by Dr. Sharvari Pandit and it has done MAGIC...! Cant think of a better word than this....

This Clinic is thoroughly professional as it has been set up by the highly experienced and skilled experts Dr. Shrirang & Jayashree Pandit. This professionalism is continued by the very efficient Dr. Sharvari Pandit. She personally takes all care needed to make sure your treatment is done smoothly and you get the best results!

I cant be more grateful to Pandit Clinic...I could Revamp my life and my wardrobe!!!

Photo of patient treated for hair removal

Nujuta C (Pilot)