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A mesotherapy hair treatment underway

Hair is one of the few factors that define your personality. Healthy hair gives you a positive vibe. There are many therapies available for hair loss treatment. Mesotherapy is one of them.

Mesotherapy was invented by the Frenchman Dr. Michel Pistor in 1958 to treat conditions in rheumatology, sports and mainly as a pain-relieving technique. Today, it is used as a collagen stimulant and finds an important use in hair loss treatment.

Mesotherapy is a surgical technique that involves injecting very small, micro injections of medicated substances directly under the skin. In the process, a number of medicines / vitamins / solutions / stem cells are injected into the scalp tissue near the hair follicles (mesoderm) to stimulate the hair growth. These are to act as hair growth factors. Multiple such injections are given into the problem areas directly at the site of the problem. The injecting needles used are very thin to minimise the pain.

A lot of motorized machines like meso pens, meso guns, meso rollers are used for injection ease and patient comfort. Topical anaesthesia is used to numb the area to be treated.

This hair loss treatment is available at Pandit Clinic, Pune.

Equipment for mesotherapy