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Melasma Treatment

This is typically a mask like brownish pigmentation on common areas of cheek, nose and forehead.

Melasma is more commonly seen in females than males. It is also known as "cloasma" that is mask of pregnancy as it commonly develops during pregnancy and breast feeding.

The exact causes of melasma are unknown. The sun, UV rays, hormonal imbalances are known to make it worse.

The treatment of melasma can be cumbersome as the deeper dermal component is very resistant and does not respond to usual topical creams or lotions.

There is a high chance of recurrence if treatment is abruptly stopped.

Creams: Huge numbers of lightening creams are available for treatment. Consult Dr. Sharvari Pandit to know the cream and the sunscreen that may suit you.

Oral Antioxidants, Glutathione, Tranexemic acid, Oral Vitamin C gives added benefits for melasma.

Melasma Treatment 1 – Before and After

Variety of skin peels lighten or remove melasma:

  • Lightening Peel
  • Cosmelan Peel
  • Nomelan Peel
  • TCA Peel
Melasma Treatment 2 – Before and After

Fractional Q switched Nd-Yag lasers are known to temporarily lighten the melasma but the results are unpredictable, N a detailed further study is needed on the same!

CO2 resurfacing laser can treat the superficial melasma but the deeper component can be resistant to all treatment lines!

A few have also tried Glutathione injections (injectable lightning anti oxidant) but no scientific data available and thus risk/ benefit ratio has to be judged.