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Liposuction Treatment at Pune

What is Liposuction?

In simple terms, liposuction means removing body fat by using a suction device. Dr Illouz first published his results in 1984 and since then liposuction has become the commonest cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the world. Each year tens of thousands of patients undergo liposuction in Pune and the world over. Numerous new devices for liposuction have come into the market that include ultrasound assisted liposuction VASER made by Sound Surgical Technologies USA and Lysonix are common names. Laser assisted and water jet assisted liposuction, power assisted liposuction are some commonly used devices. A large number of plastic surgeons perform what is called the conventional liposuction.

Liposuction, adipoaspiration, lipolysis, power liposuction are commonly used terms and more or less mean the same.

Who can Perform Liposuction?

Plastic surgeons, aesthetic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons are best suited to perform these procedures. Amongst these plastic surgeons with a background of general surgery and an aesthetic vision are most likely to perform it well with minimal complications. However any well trained surgeon can perform this procedure. ENT surgeons, dental surgeons, facial surgeons are seen doing this procedure. You must study your surgeon and look at his ability and competence to perform it. It is best to avoid cheap liposuction as it is most probably a trap. VASER, Laser, Power Lipo, etc. are very expensive liposuction machines and surgeons may charge differently to compensate for the instrumentation cost. Some equipment can make a big difference to your result.

Goals of Liposuction

The primary goal of liposuction is to remove fat from areas where undesirable and unpleasant amount of fat has accumulated. This removal has to be in such a way that a nice pleasing shape is created after the surgery. In that sense, ‘what I leave behind is more important than what I remove’. The purpose of liposuction is not only hacking away fat from any and everywhere, but to create a nice looking harmonious shape. Weight reduction is not the goal for liposuction. At Pandit Clinic, Pune, we strive for a good shape and weight loss, if any is incidental. Large volume liposuctions as practiced by some plastic surgeons need to be done with lot of care and in a proper surgical facility. They should not be taken lightly at any point of time.

Liposuction before and after

Our Philosophy for Liposuction

We treat liposuction as a proper surgical procedure. We take all possible care to see to it that it is safe for the patient. Safety is our prime concern and we have some very good equipment for surgery and anaesthesia. We also have excellent monitoring machines which monitor your heart, breathing, pulse, blood pressure and an electrocardiogram continuously during and after the surgery. Our team of anaesthesiologists is very high class and they have experience of handling hundreds of similar cases. We leave no stone unturned in evaluation of our patients and we may suggest several blood and other tests to make sure you are in good health to have safe liposuction surgery. You may feel some tests to be superfluous but please understand our goal is not to have one single complication and provide you with safe anaesthesia and safe liposuction surgery.

We will set a reasonable target for volume of aspirate and will remove it in a safe manner. If at any time we feel that safety is being compromised we will modify our plan. If it is felt that a more comprehensive care is called for we may perform the procedure in a bigger hospital with more personnel and availability of critical care. It will be more expensive but will add to safety of surgery.

The Physics of Liposuction

The body fat at room temperature is fluid in nature. When negative pressure is created by application of vacuum the boiling point of fat is brought down and the fat vaporizes and is easily amnable to aspiration as mixture of fat vapor and fluid. This negative pressure is created by suction machine which is conveyed to the fat by optimized cannulae. These are used for aspirating the fat from the area of interest. They come in various sizes and lengths to be used in different anatomical areas. This boiling fat ruptures the lipocyte or fat cell killing it in the process. Such cells have no potential to redeposit fat in that area.

The Procedure

Liposuction is performed under local, regional or general anaesthesia. A qualified experienced Anaesthetist is with our patient throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Bhaskar Shenolikar has experience of anesthetizing hundreds of cases of Vaser surgery. He is also well versed with modern anaesthesia machines and monitors.

General anaesthesia, local or regional anaesthesia can all be used for liposuction. It is our goal to provide you safe, pain free surgery with minimal discomfort. Your team will chose a safe and effective way to give you anaesthesia. Your body functions will be monitored every single moment when you are under anaesthesia. A continuous monitoring of pulse, blood pressure, electrocardiogram and oxygen saturation of your blood will be done during surgery till you are fully awake.

Once you are prepared and draped for surgery a solution containing ringer lactate, xylocaine and adrenaline will be infused in the areas which are to have liposuction. This infusion is done by using a state of the art infusion system the Vent X. Once sufficient fluid is infused, we will wait for ten minutes and start the VASER procedure.

VASER stands for vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance. It is basically an ultrasonic assisted liposuction. The ultrasonic energy is delivered by specially designed probes. This frequency of ultrasound energy is lipospecific and usually breaks fat cells only. There is very minimal damage to any surrounding structures such as blood vessels and nerves. There is significantly reduced blood loss as compared to conventional liposuction. The procedure takes several minutes till the fat is broken down and gets emulsified. The entire area which is to undergo liposuction is Vasered. Then VentX probes specially designed to perform optimal aspiration are used to suction the fat lysed by the VASER energy. Vasering and aspiration are done through the ceramic port.

Once the suction is complete the same port is used to introduce drains which will drain water and serum from the operation site. If significant drainage is not expected the wound is closed by sutures. The area is covered and dressed by compression dressing using paper tapes. Then you will be shifted to your room for further monitoring and recovery. Once you settle down and fully recover from anaesthesia you will be allowed food intake and later discharged from the clinic. When suction in excess of 5 liters is performed then it is safer to stay in the clinic that night to ensure proper recovery and take care of problems in case they arise. The dressing may get soiled with blood stained fluid and at times may require repeated dressing changes. It looks worrisome but is normal part of the procedure. You can carry additional diapers to absorb the discharges. When the wounds are sutured generally there will be no discharge from the wounds.

Aftercare at home

Take plenty of rest. Do not over exert or do strenuous exercise. There is going to be some soreness and significant discomfort if the liposuction procedure involves multiple areas. Pressure garments may become tight and painful. If it is unbearable you may remove it for a short period of time. Do not be alone as far as possible and keep some one informed about your liposuction procedure. You can move around the home but may need assistance to move out or cook for a couple of days. Take your medication regularly and drink plenty of fluids like juice, coconut water etc. Avoid alcoholic drinks for few days. Keep moving your ankles and legs and take frequent short walks around your home. This will boost circulation and keep your leg veins free of clots.

Why Pandit Clinic (Pune) for Liposuction?

Liposuction is a blend of art and science. Dr. Pandit has an extensive experience in liposuction and other cosmetic surgery procedures. He knows exactly what is needed to achieve desired results. In his clinic at Pune, Dr. Pandit has handled hundreds of liposuction patients, including celebrities.

Dr. Pandit believes in keeping up with latest advances in technology. His clinic at Pune, located in the heart of the city, has state of the art, sophisticated laser equipment. He is the FIRST doctor not only in Pune, but all of India to introduce VASER liposuction.