Pandit Clinic, Pune specializes in hair growth treatment, hair transplant, liposuction, laser hair removal, skin treatment, tummy tuck and many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures

The Laser Machines in Pune

Lasers have been used for aesthetic and cosmetic treatment for several years now. Using laser machines for varied treatments like hair growth, skin treatment, rejuvenation and other procedures was started in developed countries over 30 years ago.

Pandit Clinic has been the pioneers in introducing sophisticated lasers in Pune for over a decade now. We have many firsts in laser treatment to our credits. We ensure that we maintain high standards while choosing the laser machines. Following are a few laser machines that our clinic in Pune has:

Lightsheer Diode laser

Lightsheer Diode

We've revolutionized the Gold Standard LightSheer with vacuum-assist technology and by dramatically increasing the spot size to 22 x 35 mm. The LightSheer enables you to treat backs and legs comfortably in only 15 minutes, making hair removal profitable without anesthetics and gels

  • No topical anesthetic required
  • Eliminate prep time
  • Reduce treatment times up to 75%

Lightsheer ET laser

Lightsheer ET

The ET has a Sapphire ChillTip spot size of 9x9mm designed to treat small areas that require maximum precision and high fluence. advantages of ChillTipTM Technology

Enhanced safety: superior epidermal protection is achieved through ChillTip contact cooling.

Increased comfort: by continuously cooling the skin, pain and discomfort are significantly reduced.

Higher efficacy: Compression of the skin rotates follicle closer to the surface, blenches blood vessels and reduces competing chromophores. High fluence enables treatment of areas requiring precision and thin, light hair.

Lumenis M22 laser

Lumenis M22

Performance like never before: M22 is a modular multi-application platform for the treatment of over 30 skin conditions and hair removal. Used by physicians around the world, M22 enables you to treat more types of patients and conditions with better outcomes.