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Laser Skin Resurfacing

We all live in our atmosphere and it is common sense to expect that our environment will definitely affect us at all times. The process of ageing inevitably leads to changes in the texture, tone and pigmentation of our facial skin. Sunlight, the UV radiation, wind and other weather pollutants have detrimental effects on our skin.

Laser skin surfacing Before and After

With advancing age our skin starts showing certain changes. It becomes rough, coarse in texture, the skin develops various kinds of pigmentation spots and patches. It develops wrinkles and deep folds which look ugly and make the skin look bad. We all are used to be using a plethora of skin care products which help our skin in a variety of ways. Lotions, anti ageing creams, anti wrinkle lotions, skin glow products, skin tighteners etc have an important but limited use in skin rejuvenation.

The skin analysis will show loss of elasticity, loss of turgidity, wrinkling and dyspigmentation. We have to address all these to achieve good quality, long lasting facial skin rejuvenation. Laser Skin Resurfacing is a very effective tool to achieve good successful result in skin resurfacing. We at Pandit Clinic, Pune use state of the art carbon did oxide laser system the Ultrapulse Encore from Lumenis. It works with a computerized scanner to have precise skin ablation, good sub surface skin heating and a very even result. The entire surface of facial skin is very gently removed by a high-tech scanner device. Thousands of tiny but powerful nano second pulses treat the skin. It is fractional CO2 technology at its best.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedure

The procedure is meant for people who want to improve the looks of their skin. We can treat acne scarring, pigment spots and multiple tiny lesions. Age spots, wrinkles, lose and lax skin, surface irregularities can be well treated with this method.

The procedure is generally done under topical anaesthesia. You will be asked to apply a thick layer of anaesthetic cream on the face one hour before scheduled time of surgery. Once you come to the clinic the same cream will be re applied to ensure good pain relief. Then your eyes will be protected with metallic corneal shields to avoid injury to the eye. The scanner will complete the procedure within few minutes. It may take upto 25 min, to perform a full face laser abrasion.

Your face will be coated with an antibiotic cream. Dressings are generally not applied. Your may feel a little burning sensation for few minutes. You will be allowed to go home an hour after the session.

You should expect some swelling of the face. Some crusting and discharge is common and will form a brown colored scab on the face by 24 hours. The scab will dry up and your swelling will wane over next two to three days. Then the scab will start coming off and you will see nice, fresh and glowing skin underneath. The entire procedure takes upto five days. Conventional laser incapacitate you for as much as two to three weeks. The downtime of four days is the best deal in LSR.

We at Pandit Clinic (located at Pune) have an experience of Laser resurfacing over last 11 years. And we have the technology to back our expertise.

You will be advised about the skin care regimen. Sun protection is the key to successful LSR and needs to be religiously followed. Skin creams and moisturisers will help you recover fast and smooth. So come benefit from our LSR.

We have added a great new scanner to our Ultrapulse. It is called Scar Fx and is very useful in improving a very large number of scars. Almost majority of scars can be further improved to make them look better and also functionally more useful.