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Jet Peel for Facial Rejuvenation

As the name suggests the Jet Peel treatment is meant specifically to give the face a rejuvenated look and make it look more attractive. A micro-fluid (Glycolic acid) is injected into the skin at supersonic speed. It is a painless treatment.

Jet Peel facial rejuvenation

What Is It?

Jet Peel offers a treatment wherein the micro-fluid unblocks the skin, cleans it, gets rid of the dead cells and rejuvenates the skin.

Jet peel drains the superficial lymphatics of skin and helps in detoxification. The treatment improves the tone and texture of the skin thereby giving the skin a refreshing glow.

How does Jet Peel Work?

Jet Peel removes the layers of dead skin accumulated over the years. This is done because the layers of dead cells that collect on the skin reduce the skin's natural glow. Also, Jet Peel hydrates the skin, cools it and gives it a comforting feel. Jet Peel infuses the skin with oxygen which penetrates the thickest layers of your skin thus producing new collagen and recharges the cells.

Jet peel requires that the patient take 6-8 sessions at one week interval. A number of anti pigmentation, anti ageing vitamin solutions can be infused in the skin at supersonic jet stream frequencies for desired effects.

The session takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour as it is a thorough in details delicate procedure. It can also be done just before a party or a function to add the glow and freshness to your skin.