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Hair Treatment Protocols Q & A

Question: Who can get laser hair reduction done?

Answer: Most people who are tired of their body hair can undergo this treatment. The best kinds of results are for dark and thick hair. With latest technology even the thin and fine hair can be targeted for reduction. Women with hormonal imbalances like PCOD, Thyroid problems may suffer from frustrating and embarrassing unmanageable facial and body hair, lasers are recommended to give them relief. Male beard shaping is possible, bothersome hair on chest lower back in males can be reduced with lasers. Underarm hair reduction gives long term satisfactory results both in men and women. Men and Women in professions such as modeling, stage shows, acting that need a lot of frequent skin exposure, get lasers done instead of waxing threading etc. The bikini area hairs are very painful to treat with other hair removal procedures also can cause darkening, and lasers give great results.

Question: How does it work?

Answer: The target chromophore for the Diode laser is melanin in the hair shaft and bulb. Each Laser pulse generates heat in the hair shaft that is diffused to the hair follicular epithelium thus causing the desired damage to the hair follicle. This is called as photothermolysis. In fair skins the melanin in skin is lesser and thus the hair is targeted better. In darker skins, pulse mode is used and energy is delivered in multiple pulses to damage the hair and not damage the skin.

Question: What are the protocols to be followed before laser?

Answer: No waxing threading bleaching plucking or use of hair removal creams while on laser treatment. Shaving, trimming, cutting of hair is allowed.

Question: Does laser treat white hair?

Answer: The black hairs are treated with laser. For white hair electrolysis is needed.

Question: How many laser sessions I need for satisfactory results?

Answer: About 8-10 sessions are generally needed depending on growth and type of skin and hair, hormonal imbalances like PCOD may need more sessions, the number of sessions and results vary person to person. Every session generally reduces 30% of hair.

Question: How are my laser sessions spaced?

Answer: Each session is placed about 4 to 8 weeks apart. Before the treatment commences it is better to not remove hair for 3-4 weeks and let it grow full (shave trim is allowed). 1 week prior to treatment it is better not to shave or trim either. With successive sessions the time duration between 2 sessions can increase t unto 3 months.

Question: How is the treatment carried out?

Answer: The area is marked with a white pencil, the hair is trimmed and laser is delivered to the area. Ice, Gels can be used before or after to reduce the discomfort. The treatment time depends on area to be treated.

Question: What to Expect?

Answer: The area post treatment can appear slightly red. you can use ice cooling to reduce discomfort if any. The hair in treated area fall off in about 10-12 days. The hair free interval is about 15-30 days. If any hair skip treatment please get it redone in max 2 weeks time. The next session will be after about a month as you hair grows back. The total reduction can be aimed at 90% but may vary from person to person. A few fine thin hair may remain even after finishing all laser sessions. A maintenance session can be done every 5-6th month later on if needed.

Question: What are the Do's and Don'ts?

Answer: Don'ts: Do not use bleach/ abrasive cleanse/ scrub post treatment for 1 week. Do not expose to harsh sun. Do not opt for any facial/ saloon treatments post treatment for 1 week.
Do's: Wear a good sunscreen and use a physical protection like scarf, hat or cap when on treatment. Follow up regularly.

Question: Are there any long term side effects?

Answer: NO!