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Hair Analysis System

There are several reasons why people lose hair. Genetics, diet and stress all play an important part in the overall health of your hair. If you have thin hair, the best thing to do is get a computerized hair analysis done. It will help you understand the reasons behind your hair fall. Your doctor will then suggest the best possible remedial action.

Pandit Clinic uses Caslite© for hair analysis. Caslite© is one of the world's most advanced hair and scalp diagnosis tool that helps doctors measure:

  • Hair Thickness
  • Hair Density
  • Hair Growth
  • Scalp Condition
  • Identify baldness stage
  • Generate diagnosis report
  • Maintain patient records
  • Compare past / present results
  • Capture skin images
  • Helps in decision making in treatments


A few benefits for the patients include:

  • Identifying Norwood Class (level of baldness)
  • Measuring growth rate of the hair in microns / day, anagen to telogen ratio, total count of hair, etc.
  • Measuring hair density
  • Measuring hair thickness
  • Checking whether the scalp is normal, dry, oily, sensitive, inflammatory, prone to dandruff or keratin
Dr. Sharvari analyzing hair of a patient

In addition, Caslite© also generates reports that are easy to understand by the patients.

CasliteĀ© Analysis of hair