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Gynaecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Both male and female of the species have breast tissue. At puberty the breast develops; guided by hormones and genetic programming the breast evolves in its classical from into a female or a male breast. Some men have excessive fatty or glandular tissue and it causes untold embarrassment to young boys who are growing up. In hostels they are ridiculed and are teased no end by fellow students. The psychological trauma is severe and hence shaping the male breast becomes a very important procedure.

Male breast reduction before and after

Liposuction is capable of producing some excellent results and VASER with its high definition possibilities is a very good method to get fine shape of the chest. Older procedures produced some ghastly scars and our aim is to reduce them to few millimeters. We have extensive experience with VASER and it is a great tool for gynaecomastia.

Male breast reduction is a one day care surgery as done at Pandit Clinic. It is performed under General anaesthesia. A small incision below the breast or around the nipple areola is used to sculpt the breast, remove all excess fat and gland by liposuction. This 8 to 10 mm incision is used for drainage if needed. You will develop some swelling and it takes a few days to settle down. You will be asked to wear a tight fitting vest for several weeks to get the best benefit of the surgery.

Any healthy male can undergo breast reduction surgery. Young patients are best suited for this surgery as their skin has proper elasticity. The treated area may swell or feel a little tender for some time. In some cases, minor bruising may occur.