Pandit Clinic, Pune specializes in hair growth treatment, hair transplant, liposuction, laser hair removal, skin treatment, tummy tuck and many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures


  • The procedure is performed under General or regional anaesthesia
  • A well placed incision is taken in the hairline running in front of the ear, in the skin fold, going back behind the ear.
  • The face lift involves removal of excess lax skin of the face.
  • The deep tissues like the SMAS and the fat pads are reinforced, relocated and fixed in their new younger position.
  • The wrinkled, dark skin of the eyelids is trimmed away. The eye bags in the lower lid can be corrected at this procedure.
  • The eyebrows are lifted up.
  • The scars are very well hidden and concealed.
  • The procedure can take upto two hours to execute. Precise meticulous repair is carried out.
  • The fatty neck, double chin and the cords in the neck are all addressed at the same time.
  • For Men and Women the procedure will vary to take care of beard area or the side burns.

Ultrapulse Encore CO2 face lift:

We at Pandit Clinic have a state of the art CO2 Laser the Ultrapulse Encore for facial rejuvenation. When used along a classical face lift it can improve the result very significantly and improve skin quality and texture.


You will be able to go home the same evening, if the procedure is extensive you will be asked to spend one night in the surgical facility. The operated area is drained by soft tubes, to remove excess fluid and serum from this area. The face will look, swollen, puffy, bruised for upto a week to ten days. The swelling will be maximum on second or third day and will start going down rapidly. You must use ice packs on the face to control swelling and bruising. You may find it difficult to eat as the tissues are pulled and your muscles may not work very efficiently for some time. There will be some pain, more like discomfort. You need to take antibiotic and pain medication as advised. Sleeping in upright position will help control the oedema.

Your first follow up visit will be two days later when all dressings will be taken off. The drains will be removed. You can have a shower after this visit, wash your hair too. The stitches may require removal and it will be done at eight to ten days. The sensation on some skin areas may be diminished or absent. Sensations will be regained over next few weeks.

The scars take several days to mature and may look red for a while. It is a phase of healing and is over in few weeks time.

Post Care

Sun protection is always a good practice and we recommend it to you. If you have had facial rejuvenation by CO2 laser sun protection is of utmost importance for a period of four weeks. It is easy to prevent pigmentation.

Facelift surgery is a skillful operation. The surgeon’s skill and aesthetic sense are very important for a successful outcome. Make your consultation with Dr. Shrirang Pandit to know if you are the candidate to undergo a surgical facelift.