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Injuries to the Eye

The eyes are very precious to human beings. However, they are very delicate. Injuries to the eyes should therefore be taken very seriously. Many of the eye injuries are superficial, but in case there are any serious damages to the eye, it is always better to get them evaluated from a qualified doctor. In Pune, one such qualified doctor is Dr. Jayashree, who has an experience of more than 31 years in treating eye injuries and other eye conditions like ptosis, glaucoma and cataract.

Commonly seen injuries are corneal abrasion or scratched cornea, penetrating injury, subconjunctival bleed, chemical burns, blunt trauma causing black eye or fracture of bones of orbit. All of these call for immediate visit to eye clinic as they may be sight threatening.

Superficial scratch on cornea or corneal abrasion heal with minimal treatment. Injury with sharp object can cause foreign body in superficial structures or may be lodged deeper. These need to be tackled urgently to avoid permanent damage.

Burns with alkaline substance can lead to severe damage if not treated immediately.

In all cases of eye injury it is important to see the ophthalmologist as soon as possible so that damage is minimal.