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Acne / Pimples

When you are in the college years, and want the most flawless easy & happy skin, your hormones may just do the reverse for you.

A very pretty young face gets disturbed with these red pus likes or black head and white heads. All these are various stages of pimples or Acne Vulgaris.

It generally affects adolescents 13 onwards to age of 25.

Recently, with changes in lifestyle, pollution & hormonal disturbances the age group being affected with acne is expanding.

It can start as early as 10 and can go on till 45-50 years of age.

The acne lasting through adulthood are called "adult acne" can be resistant to treatment and may need intensive therapy and lasers.

Image of acne on a lady’s cheeks

Why Acne Happens

  • Oily skin tendency
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Improper skin care routine
  • PropioniBacterium
  • Medicine induced acne
  • Acne cosmetica (due to improper saloon treatments)
  • Genetic make up

Complications of Acne

  • Psychiatric disturbances, depression
  • Scarring
  • Pigmentation
  • Keloids

Acne treatment – Before and After

Can Diet Affect Acne?

A regular exercise till sweating and healthy diet habits help healing of acne. Foods that increase acne are still under study.

Acne Cure Solutions

Cleansing: A good medicated wash with salicylic acid or glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide an help inflamed red pimples and black heads. Gentle exfoliating wash and a syndet soap which has a skin friendly PH is recommended for regular twice daily cleansing.

Antibiotic soaps are not recommended.

Topical Treatment: Anti acne creams help in maintenance of mild to moderate pimples. These are retinoids, adapalene, benzoyl peroxide or combinations of these. Topical antibacterial creams have developed a lot of resistance. Salicylic acid, glycolic acid creams help exfoliate and soften black heads and white heads.

Topical acne creams can cause a certain irritation to skin.

Oral Medicines: Antibiotics were the mainstay treatment before the introduction of Isotretinoin, the Vitamin A derivative. The medicine helps acne suppression in the long run. It works on all types of acne.

Hormonal tablets are used in female patients with resistant acne.

The supplemental vitamins and enzymes that help acne are, Myoinositol, Vit D 3, Folic Acid. Kiwi seed extracts etc. These help slow but are safe to use in the long run and also as maintenance.

What is Acne Surgery?

Comedo extraction is done for black heads and white heads.

Cryotreatment or freezing is done for nodules.

These procedures are better not done at home because a comedo extractor if applied wrongly can cause inflammation, scarring and pigmentation and can increase the problem.

Injections into big acne cysts and nodules can help settle them urgent.

Can Lasers Reduce Acne?

Universal IPL laser for acne treatment

Acne Treatment with M22 Universal IPL with Optimal Pulse Technology - OPTTM

  • Special notch filter especially designed for inflammatory acne stages
  • Solution for patients who do not want or are not compatible with topical nor oral medication

Lasers can also be used in combination with oral and topical medications.

The Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is one innovative technology that can target and destroy the acne causing bacteria and settle the redness of acne lesions. It also reduces the scarring and pigmentation the acne can leave.

Newer and Advanced Treatments for Acne

1. Cosmelan Active Anti Acne

Cosmetic Active anti acne medicine set

Cosmelan Active System combines a range of active ingredient of natural and chemical origin that diminishes and erases the main cutaneous manifestations of oily and acneic skin types.

Cosmelan Active System achieves a soft clean and impurity free skin in two easy steps.

1a. Intensive in Clinic Method

Cosmelan Active System Professional Treatment Pack :

Cosmelan Active System Degreasing Solution : A unique solution for in clinic application by the professional used to clean, purify, degrease and moisturise the skin in one step.

Cosmelan Active System Mask : Contains active ingredients which promote healing with an astringent effect, exfoliating and keratolytic properties, reduce skin sebum and control further oil production.

2a. Home Maintenance

As a continuation of the in clinic cosmetic method, a simple three step system has to be applied.

Clean with Cosmelan Active System Facial Gel Cleanser: It is useful to softly clean oily skins with impurities. It should be applied daily at morning and night.

Moisturise with Cosmelan Active System Maintenance Cream: Helps with superficial cell turnover and prevents clogged pores, improving the elimination of excessive sebum. It should be applied daily at morning and night.

Cosmelan Active System Spot Treatment: Occasional spot treatment which regulates oil production and speeds healing of cutaneous acneic breakouts.

2.Black peel ANTI ACNE

Black Peel – resurfacing and acne spot